I couldn’t get this person’s URL(but it was something supposed to sound Japanese/anime related), because they messaged me and I didn’t have the X-kit extension to save my outgoing messages at the time, but his skype name is Tenankyubi, and his skype URL is DRPG. I have my Skype/snapchat in my about me on my blog so if someone needs someone else to talk to about anything I can be there for them, or if someone just wants to chat. I DO NOT have my skype/snapchat on my blog to do cyber sex, to “be pervy,” to talk dirty, or anything like that. It’s purely for being friendly. So this person asked me for my skype, and I thought maybe this was a mutual who changed their URL who wanted to chat, or it was someone who had seen my recent post that was asking people to skype me while I played skyrim. So I gave it to them directly, and also mentioned that it was in my about me. So then this person messages me on Skype, and is generally polite and asks me how I’m doing, what am I like, etc. then he starts mentioning how “pervy” he is, and I ignore it until he asks me if I’m “pervy” and I bluntly say that I don’t want to sext him, and he gets in an outrage and threatens to harass me by editing a penis into my profile pic. He hasn’t made the picture yet, but I’m just being prepared, and I also wanted to warn anyone else who easily gives out skype about this guy.

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    Men need to be stopped
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    Spread this around like wildfire people
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    more updates: his skype name is now marki-cry btw just keep a look out guys thnx
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